WHaT HappeN To Me AfTeR ThiS!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I always think what happen to me on d next step??Now i'm going be jobless..hopeless.. Soon, new year coming up but i'm still here waiting good news...Who's people want to hired me in their company???  Many application I
send but still  nothing good news I received.. I'm very tired..but not mean I'm going to be despair..Hopefully new year coming  up I will get the job..I know my friends does not have any job now..our fate are same still wait and waiting to get permanent job ..Many job outside, I 'm not constituency but if I feel the job same value wif my degree.. I received..but if  the salary not suitable what  job I must do I should to think carefullly to accept..Now, I feel heavy burden on my shoulder in this time when I think about job but I always pray to Allah make my life going to be easy ..


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